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What Is A Man?

We are living in a world today where men are under attack from all sides. The modern feminist movement tells women that they do not need to rely on men...

We are living in a world today where men are under attack from all sides. The modern feminist movement tells women that they do not need to rely on men for anything, from opening doors to raising children and everything in between. Society tells men to get in touch with their feminine side, which is just as illusory as the people Joe Biden tries to shake hands with when he walks off the stage. Neither those people nor a man's feminine side exist. The American Pravda tells men that wearing a dress, makeup, and heels is perfectly normal, and if you're a man deluded enough to think he is a woman, all the better.

Society has been conditioned to view the promotion of gender confusion as the logical evolution of tolerance and enlightenment. The narrative from the left is that there have always been gender-deluded people. The difference is that now, they are free to be their "true selves." Or something. Notice that the tolerance only goes one way. We are supposed to accept, affirm, and even celebrate the delusions of these people; meanwhile, they vehemently and sometimes violently oppose anyone who refuses to bend the knee to the alphabet mafia. They have made it their mission to ruin the reputations and livelihoods of those who have dared to criticize gender delusion ideology openly. Meanwhile, Christians, when we tell them in love that they are wrong and pray for their deliverance, are vilified.

The effort to emasculate and feminize men has been a decades-long pursuit by the left. Movies and TV shows have historically portrayed men as ineffectual buffoons worthy of no respect from their wives or children. Today, they celebrate portraying men as effeminate weaklings. They are attempting to program us to believe that strong, masculine men are "toxic" and dangerous.

The effort to feminize men and obscure the differences between men and women has been led primarily by the feminist movement. As far as they are concerned, men are to blame for all the world's problems. Men have been conditioned to feel ashamed of their masculinity and taught that being a man is something for which we must apologize. They have been so successful in their effort to obscure the differences between men and women that we have Supreme Court justices who can't define what a woman is. The irony of the feminist movement's responsibility for losing the definition of a woman seems to totally escape them.

The "debate" about the differences between men and women has been smoldering for a long time, but the movie What Is A Woman by Matt Walsh ignited a conflagration. It is fascinating that there hasn't yet been a similar discussion about the definition of a man. Given all the examples of men we see in drag and wearing dresses on the red carpet and in magazines, a preemptive strike is in order. So, what is a man?

Despite the objections of the woke mob, there are objective truths. A man is an adult human male with XY chromosomes. Having established that fundamental truth, let's further examine the duty of a man and his role in society as God ordained it. There was a time, not too long ago when people looked up to portrayals of heroic, masculine men. From Clint Eastwood in his Man With No Name spaghetti westerns and the Dirty Harry franchise to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and The Rock, the list goes on. Now, the men in Hollywierd openly engage in homosexuality, wear dresses and high heels, and take on an overly effeminate affect. Society celebrates these people as stunning and brave. The two are extremes, but neither are models of manhood that anyone should emulate. Jesus Christ is the example that men should follow to embrace true manhood and masculinity as designed by God.

Jesus worshiped the Father, and the Father sent Jesus to fulfill His will, as Jesus stated many times. (John 6:38John 8:29) Jesus was God and man, so he didn't have any sinful appetites or desires, but the enemy tempted him nonetheless. And he successfully resisted those temptations. (Matthew 4:1-11) As men, we must bring our appetites and fleshly desires that the enemy would use to tempt us into submission to our will, and we must align our will with God's will. Jesus was the ultimate leader, provider, and protector. He led his flock as we must lead our families. Good leaders are also servants who put the needs of their followers above their own. To illustrate this point, when Jesus was saddened to learn of the death of John the Baptist, he went off by himself to mourn. (Matthew 14:13) The people found out where he was and followed him. When He saw them, instead of reacting the way that circumstance might prompt you or me to, He set his needs aside and tended to the people. That was the gathering where He fed 5000 people, showing His ability and willingness to provide for us. (Matthew 14:14-21) When He allowed Himself to be crucified, His death and resurrection provided us with a blanket of protection like no other. We can be secure in the knowledge that he has protected us from the consequences of our sins. Those who believe in Him and worship Him know that our eternal souls are safe from damnation.

Jesus loves us so much that he sacrificed his life so we could have eternal life. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 says, "Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." God has called upon men to serve as protectors. We are supposed to be vigilant and prepared for the potential threats against ourselves and our families. As men of God whose goal is to be more like Christ, love is the key. Most of the time, it's easy to love our families and friends. Loving everyone else is not always as easy, but God commanded us to love everyone the way He loves us. (Mark 12:30-31)

So let's answer the question, what is a man? A man is an adult human male whose central focus should be his relationship with, love of, and service to God. That relationship is the foundation upon which every other aspect of his life is built and informs how he performs all his other responsibilities. A man exercises self-discipline and keeps his desires and emotions under control. He serves his family and prioritizes their needs above his own, ensuring their well-being and, if necessary, sacrificing his life to protect theirs.

What a man is not, and can never be, is a woman.

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