Men are called to be leaders, providers, and protectors. There is an effort in the world to suppress that instinct in men. Manhood, masculinity, marriage, and fatherhood are all under attack. As Mission Ready Men, we must defend those ideals and institutions from the enemy's assault.



As men of God, our primary mission is to spread the His word and win souls for Christ. Everything else, every challenge we face, every obstacle the enemy throws in our path will be overcome as long as we stay true to that objective.



Using the word of God as our North Star, our movement aims to equip men with the tools necessary to mobilize and become the stabilizing force for good, and positive influence that they are called to be in their families and communities.



We are unapologetic in our belief and trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If that means we will lose friends or business, suffer ridicule, or worse, so be it.


We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God. Everything we say, write and do will reflect that belief.


We're just getting started, but we believe that men are being marginalized by the forces of the enemy and the time is now to get Mission Ready. Click HERE to join the mission.