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Should Men Get Married?

There is a social movement out there that focuses on men's rights and the problems facing men today. I was familiar with people like Andrew Tate and Pearl Davis, as...

There is a social movement out there that focuses on men's rights and the problems facing men today. I was familiar with people like Andrew Tate and Pearl Davis, as well as podcasts like the Whatever podcast and Fresh and Fit Miami, but I just recently learned that their "movement"—for lack of a better term—was known as the Red Pill Right. One of their primary messages to men is that they should not marry. According to the Red Pill Right, there are no advantages for men in the institution of marriage, and the possibility of losing everything in divorce renders marriage a losing proposition for men on every level. Courts indeed tend to bias heavily toward women, and they rarely suffer any consequences for seeking divorce under false pretenses.

Leaving aside the divorce issue, which is a topic worthy of examination by itself, I would like to know what information they relied upon to generate their negative opinions of marriage. Because by every metric, marriage is a tremendous benefit to men. Marriage is good for men and women, but the Red Pill Right's primary message advises men not to marry. Compared to unmarried men, married men are happier, earn more money, have more sex, and live longer. Despite numerous studies on the subject, I believe this is something that people understand instinctively. In 2017, the Institute for Family Studies released a report supporting the notion that marriage is beneficial for men.

In an effort to dispel the myth that marriage is a burden, the report compiled research from various studies, and it concluded that marriage benefits men in a variety of ways. One of the most important is in the area of health. Married men are often more likely to visit doctors at the behest of their wives, and they generally live a healthier lifestyle. Married men drink less, eat healthier, exercise more, and are less likely to engage in risky behavior. Research shows that our immune systems function better when we have support from loved ones, such as a spouse. Married men also experience less depression and more happiness than bachelors. Given these variables, married men naturally tend to live longer.

Economists coined the term "marriage premium" to describe how marriage benefits men financially and, in turn, their families. There is a debate on whether productive, hard-working men tend to get married or whether marriage prompts men to work harder and be more productive. A bit of a chicken/egg dilemma, or what some economists refer to as the selection hypothesis. Married men have a duty to provide for their families, and they take that responsibility seriously. A man who wishes to get married, start a family, and stay married will usually work hard and be productive to fulfill that responsibility. It is an interesting phenomenon, but the research bears out the fact that married men earn more money. As a result, they tend to live a more comfortable and less stressful lifestyle. This ties into the previous point about health, happiness, and longevity.

Studies also show that married men have better and healthier sex lives than their unmarried counterparts. According to the National Health and Social Life Survey, 51% of married men reported being very satisfied with their sex lives. That number goes down to 36% for single men. This contradicts everything we see in movies and on TV about marriage and sex. Men experience a great deal of sexual satisfaction from being in a committed, stable marriage.

The Red Pill Right is wrong. While they may have some legitimate arguments, their assertion that marriage is a "death sentence" for men is not one of them. The evidence is clear: Marriage is a tremendous advantage for men. They live longer, happier lives, are healthier, have more sex, and earn more money. So, fellas, if you're single, consider looking for a wife rather than a "friend with benefits." If you are married, thank God for providing you with a wonderful wife, and then thank her for putting up with you. Marriage is not a burden, but a blessing that enhances a man's life in many ways. It provides the stability, companionship, and support essential for personal growth and happiness. So, let's debunk the myth that marriage is detrimental to men and embrace the benefits it can bring to our lives.

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