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What Does It Mean To Be "Mission-Ready"?

In order to define what it means to be mission-ready, we first have to define the mission. For a man of God, spreading his word and winning souls for Christ...

In order to define what it means to be mission-ready, we first have to define the mission. For a man of God, spreading his word and winning souls for Christ is the ultimate mission. We must view everything else we spend our time doing through that lens. In the United States, because this country is a gift from God, our mission must be to preserve the constitutional republic of which we are blessed to be citizens. The Marxist forces at work attempting to unravel it are of the enemy. Their hatred for Christians is a given, but other evils are being perpetrated, such as unfettered genocide in the form of abortion, government schools teaching children to hate this country, sexualizing children by providing them with pornographic material, teaching them that boys can magically turn in to girls and vice versa, telling them that they will be better off if they take puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones so they can “transition” into the opposite sex, and then hiding these so-called “transitions” from their parents. These and a host of other issues directly attack families, and we can trace them all back to the Marxist philosophy espoused by the left.

These are just the most recent examples, but it started back in the ‘60s with the implementation of the welfare state. These programs encouraged women to have babies out of wedlock or kill them in the womb if having a baby was inconvenient. The command over Christians to be fruitful and multiply to replenish the earth means to get married and build families. Killing unborn babies is an abomination that directly defies that command, and others. When kids in government schools are taught to keep things from their parents, such as their possible homosexuality or their “transition,” it is, by definition, an effort to undermine the family. Society has encouraged men to abandon their responsibility to lead and protect their families. Because so many men have taken the bait, this rotten situation has been allowed to fester.

The mission for which we need to be ready is to reclaim the mantle of manhood. Reject the notions that there are no differences between men and women and that manhood is inherently toxic. Quit taking the easy way out and get married and raise your children. True manhood is not toxic, it is necessary for society to flourish. Men are supposed to be leaders, protectors, and providers. Men should be leading their families spiritually by following Jesus Christ. By following Christ, men protect the souls of their families and provide a solid foundation upon which their earthly needs are met. In the physical realm, leading a family means, among other things, being a calming presence and someone they can rely on to handle situations that arise with decisive action. It also means being the one who provides for all their physical needs. Food, shelter, security, and education. Academic education, as well as equipping them with the tools necessary to navigate this fallen world.

This is not just theoretical. Men must also be someone the family can count on to keep them safe. That doesn’t mean just having a security system installed. If you do everything else, but can’t defend them physically, you need to address that as well. Some of us need to get into shape and mix in a salad or two with your 5 Guys. Get outside and go for a walk or a run, hit the gym, take a self-defense class, and learn how to safely and effectively handle weapons. Jesus didn’t just politely ask the money changers to leave the temple.

There is a lot that goes into being mission-ready. A lot more than we have time to get into here. However, as a Christian, the most important part of being mission-ready means putting on the whole armor of God. You have to have an actual relationship with Him. Also, pay attention to what is happening in the country and the world. Having that awareness will allow you to effectively defend yourself and your family against all the cultural attacks that will surely come your way because of that relationship. You also need to be able to withstand the physical attacks that may come your way and have the ability to confidently intervene when your family or friends are in danger. Some people would call this posture paranoid. I call it being mission-ready. Are you? If not, are you ready to put in the work to get there? If the answer is yes, then let’s get after it!

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